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Living Well with HIV

If you have HIV, take care of yourself. Talk to one of our specialists about HIV treatment, and stop the virus in your body.

Treatment can restore your immune system, lower the chance of passing HIV to others, and lead to a long and healthy life.

100_1205Metro and Comprehensive Care Centers have joined services to provide you with Comprehensive HIV Medical Care services.

Here at Metro, we are your home for HIV care. With on-site educators, physicians, case managers, and nurses, Metro offers a full array of wraparound services for those infected or affected by HIV.


Now accepting Medicare, Medicaid, Ryan White, and private insurance.

 In addition, Metro offers a variety of services for those who are HIV positive.

  • Medical Case Management
  • Pharmacy Services
  • Psychiatric Medication Management
  • HIV Education for Youth and Families
  • Re-Entry Linkage & Case Management
  • Prevention for Positives
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) Testing
  • Therapeutic & Support Groups
  • Substance Abuse
  • Medical Education for Minorities
  • Behavioral Health Services
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Getting to Undetectable

There is no cure for HIV, but treatment can help stop the damage in your body and protect your health.


HIV Services

Medical Case Management: Metro offers a variety of programs to serve people living with HIV and AIDS, including Medical Case Management—linkage services to needed services with an emphasis on medical disease management and treatment adherence in order to assist clients in becoming increasingly self-sufficient with the goal of improved overall health and taking charge of their disease. We offer two main types of case management:

For a person who is HIV+ and living in Florida, they may be eligible for RYAN WHITE Treatment Modernization Act funded medical case management at Metro. To be determined eligible, an applicant must provide acceptable proof of HIV infection, proof of residency in Florida and proof of income—and they must be in medical care, receiving primary care on at least an annual basis. Once determined eligible, they may (depending on capacity) be able to be enrolled in Medical Case Management—and receive education about your disease, encouragement regarding being faithful to treatment, referrals to identified needed services, such as medications, insurance assistance, housing assistance, food pantry, Minority AIDS Initiative and other programs.

For a person who has the diagnosis of AIDS and meets disability and income requirements, they may be enrolled in Case management under Florida Medicaid’s “Project AIDS Care” program involves the coordination of a wide range of supportive services that will allow a person to remain safely in their home instead of being institutionalized. Clients in this program also receive full Medicaid benefits covering such services as medical care, medications, hospitalization, basic dental services, etc.

Women and Children: Metro provides targeted case management for women and children who are HIV-infected and affected through the Florida Family AIDS Network (FAN) program. Family-centered service delivery utilizes a comprehensive system of care which includes linkage to services such as medical care, medical case management, mental health support and groups. FAN case managers work closely with members of the family unit to connect to care, monitor the provision of services, and address barriers to treatment.

Inmate Case Management: Now expanded into both Pinellas and Hillsborough County Jail systems, Metro can help HIV+ inmates plan for their release back into the community by providing linkage to: Medical care, Medications, Housing, Emergency financial assistance, Job training & placement resources, Substance abuse treatment, Plus a whole host of other programs. It is hoped that helping the client find stability in these areas of their lives, it can also help them maintain their health and avoid repeated incarcerations.

Health Improvement for Re-entering Ex-offenders (Project H.I.R.E.): This program assists individuals living with HIV/AIDS who have been released from a state or federal prison. This program links clients to services, targeted towards health improvement, in the community they are being released to. Individuals released to Pinellas or Hillsborough counties will receive direct case management services through our Linkage Case Managers to ensure that all medical, medication, and community needs are met. Individuals released to any other County in the state of Florida are linked to an AIDS Service Organization in that county and the H.I.R.E. program will coordinate services with that agency and/or directly with the client. Some of the services available through Project H.I.R.E linkage are: Medical Case Management, Primary care and medications, Mental health counseling and substance abuse treatment, Intervention programs, Vision and Dental care, Employment and Job Training services, Food, Clothing, Transportation, and Housing, Assistance with obtaining ID Cards & Birth Certificates, Incentives, Many others! It is the goal of Project H.I.R.E. to provide linkage to any services that will help the individual with an easier transition back into the community, continue access to medical care and treatment without interruption, and assist the client with moving towards independence and preventing recidivism.

HIV Medical Staff


Michael Dunn, MD
Dr. Dunn completed his undergraduate degree (B.S.) in chemistry at Tennessee Technological University. He graduated from the University of Tennessee college of Medicine, where he finished his Internal Medicine residency. He then attended Vanderbilt University where he completed an Infectious Disease Fellowship. He currently is on staff at Florida State University. He is a certified HIV Specialist with the American Association of HIV Medicine (AAHIVM).
Christina Burke, PA-C
Christina completed her undergraduate degree (B.S.) in Biology at the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey and her graduate degree (M.H.S.) in Physician Assistant Studies at the University of South Alabama. She realized her passion for caring for and treating patients with HIV/AIDS while a PA student and since graduating in 2003, has done just that working with clinics in Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.


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