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Turnt Up In The Bedroom!

My name is Syrterrek, I’m a 22 year old African American man living in Tampa, FL. I like to party and turn up whenever I can. Bruh, real talk I only know of one dude who even got HIV and they say it’s because he sleep with anything moving, so I figure since I only mess with like 5 or 6 dudes a year, HIV doesn’t really apply to me, ya feel me?

Anyways, I met a dude and he seems to be interested in a lot of the same things I like so, I figured that we were perfect for each other. Dude is fine as hell and from what he says he’s verse which is perfect since I am too, but he’s always on some healthy type stuff, from food to working out to condoms, even for head. I myself, don’t like using condoms and real talk, don’t even like the feel of it, but since my new “boo” wants to use ‘em, why not. It’s a first time for everything right. Once we had sex with the condom, even tho it felt a little bit different, I was still able to get “off”.

Man I aint gonna lie, I like it raw but since I have a new bae and I like staying alive without that shit, I think I will start using condoms more. I promised him that first thing tomorrow I will look into different and erotic ways to make the sex turnt up, while being safer and healthier at the same time. Wish me luck on keeping turnt up in the bedroom!

Turnt Up In The Bedroom!Metro

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