METRO Director: Mark Mann

Mark Mann

About Mark

Mark Mann joined the METRO family in 2016. Mark graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Pharmacy, which opened the doors for him to work in a HIV Specialty Pharmacy practice for 15 years. 

Mann received accreditation as a pharmacist specializing in advanced-level HIV care by the American Academy of HIV Medicine with the HIV Pharmacist (AAHVIP) certification. Today, Mark serves the community as the Director of Pharmacy Services. Before his current position, he served on the METRO Board of Directors for 10 years as a Board Member and later as President. 

On his days off, Mark enjoys spending quality time with his husband Jay and their friends. Mark and his husband also have two Basenjis named Katie and Pippa, who are the most adorable dogs ever. Mark also enjoys participating in community activities, home improvement projects, weight training, and fitness.



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