To Inclusivity & Beyond: The Podcast by Metro Inclusive Health

Join METRO for a series of candid conversations among colleagues that includes insightful expertise as well as laugh out loud entertaining moments. If you love open and inclusive conversations about mental health, sex and relationships, nutrition, and more, this podcast is for you. Listen now on…

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Episode Transcriptions

In order to make our podcast accessible to all, we are including transcriptions of each episode. More transcripts coming soon.

Episode 001: Dating and Pleasure in Quarantine

COVID-19 has changed the way we engage with others, including in the bedroom. How do you keep things spicy, sensual, and safe while dating during a global pandemic? Tune in as members of the Metro Inclusive Health team tackle this question, and so much more.

Episode 007: Sex Ed for Gen Z

Are you a parent who’s nervous about navigating “The Talk”? Don’t know how to talk about sexuality and gender with your teen? Join us for our Love & Sex in the Age of Coronavirus series: Sex Ed for Gen Z! We’ll cover inclusive language around sex, sex education and the school system, open communication, consent, valuable resources, and more. This week we feature Julia Ingram (Prevention & Sexual Health) , Christine Montero (Prevention & Sexual Health Specialist), and Emma Makdessi (LGBTQ+ Program Specialist) of our METRO team.

More to be added soon!

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