Black & Empowered - Sankofa

Black & Empowered: Sankofa Experience

For July, our Black & Empowered committee presents a LIVE panel discussion around the theme Sankofa, a Ghanaian word broadly adopted by African diasporic communities that translates to ‘retrieve’ or ‘go back and get’. The symbol associated with Sankofa is a bird reaching backward to pick up a precious egg, which represents “reaching back into ancient history for traditions and customs that have been left behind.”

In this spirit, July’s event will feature Black chefs local to Tampa Bay speaking about cultural traditions surrounding food, the history of Black food globally, and their personal culinary journeys. The panel will also highlight health-progressive food lifestyles, share favorite recipes, and de-mythologize healthy eating in response to diet-related disparities affecting health in Black / African American communities.

Featured panelists:

Brandon Hines (Herbal Healing Nation)

Chef Kareen “Coco” Linton (A Dash of Coco)

Kania (Kania’s Kitchen)

Johnny Douglas (My Hungry Vegans)

Charles Hines (The Blunt Space)

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Jul 29 2021


5:30 pm - 7:00 pm