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Get Your Life – Don’t Catch Your Death!

Being at the club was EVERYTHING to me.  Drinking, smoking weed and snorting powder was the life I was used to. Sometimes I would throw on a wig and make straight guys think I was some type of African Goddess.  My name is Stevie B, and I was born a male but I went by Kimmie K while playing my role as a woman.  Sometimes me and my good girlfriend would meet guys in the neighborhood and invite them over after long nights at the club.

This one time a guy came over, daddy was fine as F**K! He was so cute and charming but a beast in the sheets. As I hit my bag I sat there so high, watching this man f**k my friend as if she was a real woman.  He wanted me to join so bad but maybe the cocaine had me stuck cause I really couldn’t move, damn near paralyzed; but my turn was soon to come. Two days later daddy came back, this time it was only me and my cocaine. So turnt up that I couldn’t turn down. I allowed him to take full control of the situation.  He ain’t really get to put it all the way in from what I can remember but he sure as hell gave me an STD.

SMH, that’s when I had to get my shit together. I wasn’t some wild 24 year old; I actually grew up in the church and was raised by my grandparents.  My goal is to become drug free so I can make better decisions like using condoms, but it’s hard cause I want to “party” like everybody else.  I’m going to try my best to stick with it because I love to GET MY LIFE but I don’t want to die trying.

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