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In Pinellas County

According to the Florida Department of Health, 42% of new HIV diagnoses in Pinellas County are among the Black & African-American community. 

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33701, 33705, 33711, 33712, and 33713 have seen the highest rate of new infections.

of female HIV diagnoses were Black women

contracted it from a heterosexual encounter

were over the age of 40 when diagnosed

And according to the CDC, if current trends continue, 1 in 2 Black men who sleep with men could contract HIV in their lifetime.

Take a Minute for an HIV Test

With new rapid testing, it only takes about a minute to learn your HIV status. Testing is always free, confidential and discreet and there may be incentives available with your test.

Locate a Metro Inclusive Health testing location near you or visit us in the community at these testing events.

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Enoch Davis Center

1111 18th Ave South,
St. Petersburg
Thursday, Jan. 7th



1055 28th St South
Tuesday, Jan. 12th

Take A Minute - Salvation Army Testing

The Salvation Army

340 14th Ave South,
St. Petersburg
Friday, Jan. 15th

Urban Specialty Pharmacy

1617 34 Street South,
St. Petersburg
Wednesday, Jan. 20th

Cross & Anvil Human Services

1201 7th Ave S South,
St. Petersburg
Every Friday

METRO Exterior

Metro Inclusive Health

3251 3rd Ave North,
St. Petersburg
2nd & 4th Saturdays

HIV Treatment & Prevention

Like testing, HIV prevention and treatment have become far more advanced. We help those living with HIV get to “undetectable,” where there is so little of the virus in their body, it can’t be detected by a test. It also means they can stay healthy while the likelihood of spreading the virus to partners decreases, significantly.

HIV negative individuals who are sexually active can protect themselves with PrEP, a daily pill that’s 99% effective in preventing HIV and may be available at little-to-no cost.

It all starts with knowing your HIV status, especially if you’re sexually active or think you may be at high risk. Make a plan to get your test, today.

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Map via AIDSVu.org.