Trans Healthcare & Support Services

Trans Care Navigators

We have the professional and personal expertise to connect you with the services and resources necessary to assist with your journey. Here at Metro Inclusive Health, a team of peers is available to serve as your guide through every step of the process, which includes a centralized approach to medical, social and legal needs.

Revolutionizing Trans Health Care

Metro Inclusive Health is proud to offer a streamlined approach to Trans Health Care including the following services under one roof.

• Letters of Recommendation for HRT
• Group, Family & Individual Counseling
• Trans-Focused Primary Care
• Pharmacy & Prescriptions
• Centralized Lab Work

Medical Directory & Referral Services

• Florida Directory of Trained Surgeons
• Beauty & Aesthetic Services

Support with Legal Needs

The Trans Services Division is also here to help guide you through the process of navigating the legal landscape for names, gender markers and documentation including drivers’ licenses, passports and social security. We also maintain a directory of experienced attorneys.

Social Programming & Coming Out Support

Through its LGBTQ+ Community Programming, METRO has numerous opportunities for the trans community offered at little-to-no cost.

• Support for Individuals & Groups
• Support for Families & Parents
• Grooming & Makeup

• Metro Retro & Retail Clothing Vouchers
• Trans Fashion Expo

Learn more about programming for the trans community or contact us for more information or to speak with a METRO Trans Navigator.
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