Metro Inclusive Health

Metro Inclusive Health

In 1992, METRO began serving those living with or affected by HIV, a community that was not included among traditional healthcare channels. Now with four Tampa Bay locations and a new 47,0000 sq. ft. St. Pete headquarters, METRO has grown to impact the lives of many within our LGBTQ+ communities, becoming the primary care of choice, while the theme of inclusivity continued to guide the organization in many ways.

Community Impact: In 2018, METRO’s services touched the lives of 18,204 individuals directly and another 8,874 through outreach, for a total of 27,078 individuals impacted regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, age or economic status.

Holistic Health: With its partner CAN Community Health, METRO remains the only area organizations offering primary care alongside HIV care, treatment and management. METRO also uniquely combines counseling, medical and social programming services, under one roof.

Health That Gives Back: Through a “Copay it Forward” program, insured patients accessing primary care, HIV services or that fill prescriptions at one of our partner pharmacies are making healthcare available to under or uninsured members of our community.

All-Inclusive Health: METRO pioneered an inclusive approach to healthcare through “navigation” and “linkage” connecting every patient to the physical and behavioral health services they need.

LGBTQ+ Community & Wellness Programming: METRO continues to provide LGBTQ+ community service programs at little to no cost. Impacting the lives of hundreds across the Bay area, these continue to be a rare and often life-altering resource for youth, seniors and the Trans community.

About Our Logo

A transition of jewel tone colors represent the organization’s commitment to inclusive health for all segments of our Tampa Bay community..

The three main “halo” colors are yellow, for enlightenment and positivity, red for years of service to those with HIV/AIDS and blue, a signature METRO color.

A reverberation of the “halo” represents METRO’s vast impact on the community.

Thank you for being a part of our METRO family. We look forward to many more years of serving our Tampa Bay community.

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