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My name is Elaine. I’m originally from North Carolina, I now live in Tampa, FL, and I’m a proud Trans woman! In 2009 I was diagnosed with HIV; and well… it didn’t really affect me, and taking meds was out of the question. I lived in a small town called Denial, and I was fine living right there! I continued to go about my daily living and clubbing, like nothing had happened, but in all actuality my body was going downhill. One day to my surprise I became extremely lethargic, out of breath, and I passed out. I woke up in the hospital to find out that my lack of obedience to my doctors resulted in me being diagnosed with toxoplasmosis. Now, although my new diagnosis wasn’t directly from my HIV status, it was a close enough call for me to realize the value of my life. I immediately began an ART regimen, and with my family and doctor’s help, things got better. In truth, I have days that I miss taking my pills, but I must say I’m doing a better job of being consistent. For the past three months I’ve been batting at 100%. I had to do better because that was a close enough call for me!

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