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My name is Ken I’m 27 years old gay man, originally from St. Pete, Fl. I have lived in Tampa for 2 years and I enjoy clubbing with my friends, chilling and having a healthy sex life lol.  About 5 years ago a group of friends and I made a pact or a promise rather that we would always protect ourselves in this gay lifestyle, well for some reason or another we didn’t all hold true to our promise and one day a very good friend of mine informed me that he tested positive for HIV.  Hearing that news changed my world completely and forced me to reevaluate my personal life and the promise I made.  During all of this I started a relationship and my new bae is also very health conscience, so between those two occurrences I knew that condom less sex was officially over for me! The one thing that made me a little unsure about condoms was my high sex drive.  I knew I was prone to have sex at the drop of a dime and most times without a condom handy, so to keep my promise I started planting condom seeds everywhere!  My car, bedroom, living room and even my work place became condom sanctuaries and for four months things have been working out well.  I can finally say that I am a promise keeper!

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