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I go by Tori; I’m a 25 year old gay male who LIVES for the ballroom scene. Being on the scene gives me my entire LIFE! One day a major ball was held in Tampa. Admission was $30, but free if you got tested for HIV. Naturally my friend and I took advantage of the savings and got tested. There were a few times I had unprotected sex with different guys, so I was a little anxious to get my results. In fifteen rapid minutes our lives changed forever. My results came back negative, but my friend’s came back positive. Shortly after finding out his results be became extremely ill. I was very supportive through some of his hardest times. Being his friend, I promised him that I would always wear condoms and that I’d try my absolute best to not allow myself to contract HIV. Using condoms every time I have sex is hard because some guys I meet complain about condoms not fitting. When this happens I suggest different sized condoms, and I even add a drop of lube inside the condom for more pleasure. I’ve kept my promise of using condoms for seven months, and my mind is at peace knowing that I’ve reduced my risk so much. No matter how fast you are, something will always slow you down!

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