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Let’s Be Honest– Money Ain’t Everything!

My name is Roscoe Pete. I am a black gay man who lives in Tampa, Florida. One of my closest friends and I are escorts as a means to support ourselves. We have slept with many Johns, some separately, and some… well, some we shared. This was beneficial for us both financially, as was choosing to not use condoms. I could charge Johns more if they liked it raw. One day, my friend told me he tested HIV positive. Because we shared Johns, I decided to go get myself tested. It too came back HIV positive. My thoughts immediately went into overload, my mind raced with how I would pay my bills without the money from raw sex. But my doctor explained that I had to make my health my priority, so I decided it was in my best interest to use condoms with every sexual partner moving forward. I must say the money slowed down quite a bit over the past 7 years, but my life means more to me than money…

Let’s be honest– money ain’t everything!

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