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Two is a Couple. Three’s a Crowd.

My name is Marcus and I’m a 29 years old. In my last relationship, my boyfriend and I didn’t mind having a “good time”.  We were pretty committed to each other but on special occasions we would do whatever drug we felt like using and go to sex parties. We never used condoms with each other and we only used them every now and then with our datery (random dates).

Now, this was cute while it lasted but I later found myself questioning my HIV status. We had heard a couple of rumors that one of the people we had sex with was positive.  I realized that while the occasional sex parties were fun in the moment, the unprotected sex that often came with it was NOT worth it. I’ve got a new man now and no, we don’t always use condoms. But right now we are only having sex with each other and we both get tested regularly. It’s hard because sometimes I do think about how much fun the parties were and how good the sex was, but the one thing that I’ve learned about having unprotected sex is that two is a couple and three is a crowd.

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