METRO Behavioral Health Centers are here to provide individual, couples, and family counseling with a variety of psychotherapy and support group options to everyone in the community. Specializations include living with HIV, bullying, LGBTQ+ issues, coming out, gender identity, substance misuse, transgender support, family support, couples therapy, and life coaching.

Individual, Couples & Family Counseling

Personalized counseling with an experienced therapist addressing issues from substance misuse and HIV to coming out and general life issues. This confidential counseling is offered free to those living with HIV/AIDS.

Trans Support

METRO’s therapists are trained and experienced in transgender issues and are here to provide you with quality care during your personal journey, gender identity, and hormone therapy assessments. Learn more about our Trans program.

LGBTQ+ Youth

METRO offers LGBTQ+ youth and young adult groups in St. Pete and Tampa as a great way to meet and support others who have similar or shared experiences including bullying, coming out, or gender identity. Learn More

Free counseling is available to youth under 21 years old. For more information on Metro’s counseling services or to make an appointment, call (727) 321-3854 or email

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