Cervical Cancer Screening: 5 things everyone should know!

Cervical cancer is exactly what it sounds like: a type of cancer that affects the cervix, which is the lower part of the uterus that connects to the vagina. January is Cervical Cancer Awareness month, which means it’s the perfect time to learn more about one the most preventable types of cancer!

“They’re not just patients, they’re family.”

How has Donna been able to remain undetectable for 35 years? Because at METRO, she’s found family.  https://youtu.be/jGxznT9jUEo?si=_RtK4fcykafI_Klz “Undetectable” is when an individual’s HIV viral load is so low, it can’t be detected by a test or passed on to others. Eliminating barriers to care and HIV patients undetectable is a crucial step towards ending the HIV […]

Syphilis Surge: An alarming rise in cases and the symptoms that can be missed

Without early detection and treatment, Syphilis can “ghost” you for up to 30 years Long-term complications can be severe and even life threatening. Concerned about the escalating numbers of syphilis cases in Tampa Bay? You should be. Statistics highlight a troubling surge in syphilis cases across the country.  What is Syphilis?Syphilis is a sexually transmitted […]

Clinton’s Story

“If it weren’t for her fast thinking, i’d be dead.” https://youtu.be/Kf0cXX5EcE4 With no symptoms, no sickness, it was the fast thinking of Clinton’s METRO provider that saved his life. Join Clinton on his transformative journey with APRN Patricia Evans, where a comprehensive care approach goes beyond HIV treatment. Discover how our unique ‘One Provider, One […]

Marissa and Mikaela’s Story

“In 2022, 630,000 people worldwide died from AIDS-related illnesses.” https://youtu.be/f1CA5zZ2W3o … “It honestly changed my life because I was having to take the cab… and I had to stay in the rain sometimes” For those living with AIDS, consistent care is vital for physical well-being. Supportive housing and accessible transportation are key to ensuring everyone […]

Metro Inclusive Health expanding into more Tampa Bay area communities with focus on LGBTQ+ help

Author: Caitlin Lockerbie (WTSP) Metro Inclusive Health has a daily mission to provide healthcare options to patients who often feel misunderstood and underrepresented. The non-profit was established in 1993 to provide inclusive health and wellness services and this year it’s expanding into the Tampa Bay area communities that it serves That welcoming feeling and atmosphere […]

Media Coverage of METRO’s Expansion

Metro Inclusive Health Unveils Massive Effort to Increase Healthcare Equity Across St. Pete and Tampa – ILoveTheBurg With 30 years of history in the Tampa Bay area, Metro Inclusive Health is certainly no stranger to the challenges of addressing healthcare equity in the midst of regional growth. Today the St. Petersburg based not-for-profit healthcare organization announced […]

6 Tampa Bay clinics for LGBTQ+ community set to open. What to know.

Exterior of METRO on Central Avenue in St. Petersburg

A Metro Inclusive Health clinic in St. Petersburg will start seeing patients this week. Metro Inclusive Health, a Tampa Bay area LGBTQ+ health care provider, plans to open six new clinics across the region this year. During the local pandemic-era population boom, the organization saw a surge of people seeking treatment, with some driving over […]

Mpox in Tampa Bay: 8 Things You Should Know

Mpox, formerly monkeypox, is on the rise in Florida, including the Tampa Bay region. You’ve heard about it in recent headlines, but you’re still wondering… What exactly is it? Should I get vaccinated? Metro Inclusive Health is ready to answer your questions. Here’s what you should know.

How Do I Get to “Undetectable” HIV Status? 

HIV Treatment: Get to Undetectable with HIV Care. A bottle of pills for HIV treatment labeled H 124 is laid on its side, with four pills on the table.

With quality HIV care and consistent medication, you can reliably prevent HIV from progressing into AIDS. Not only that: You can set the foundation for a long, healthy life for you and your sexual partner(s). How? By reaching what we call “undetectable” status. We asked Metro Inclusive Health Medical Director, Dr. Luke Johnsen to tell us more.