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Sexual Health & Well-Being

Programs & Social Groups

Designed for all segments of our community, these programs create space to discuss sexual health & prevention, living with HIV, sexuality and culture, and more with like-minded peers.

The Tea: Social Hour

Want something new? Come take a sip. 🫖 The Tea is serving you piping hot and inclusive sexual health conversations. Let’s spill on healthy dating and relationships, changing stigma and discrimination in our communities, having hotter sex safely, debunking HIV/STI’s, and more.

Our in-person meetings include free:
🤤 Snacks 🥤 Drinks  💦 Specialty Condoms & Lube

Sexual Health Advocacy Group (SHAG)

The Sexual Health Advocacy Group (SHAG) serves Tampa Bay community members with spaces and opportunities to learn, have spirited dialogue, and contribute to the development and ongoing evaluation of METRO programs. We serve our community through outreach and networking with a focus on improving access to resources and services for those living with or are at risk of contracting HIV. The SHAG brings people together for collaboration towards promoting total health, wellness, and community. Your community is a priority. Join the SHAG today!
SHAG is a group led by METRO’s Prevention and Sexual Health team, in partnership with the FL Department of Health. If you have any questions, feel free to email our Prevention and Sexual Health staff. *Food provided upon RSVP*.



If you are living with HIV, you can meet with METRO staff members one-on-one for up to three sessions. The goal of Charged+ is to empower individuals living with HIV to develop strategies for healing, advocacy, and connection. After attending all three sessions, we will also encourage you to engage with us further by developing strategies to heal the wounds of the POZitive community and combat stigma and discrimination associated with HIV. Together, we will fight the HIV epidemic in the Tampa Bay Area and beyond. Our coaching sessions are designed to foster a sense of camaraderie and solidarity, where you can share your experiences, find support, and develop strategies to live happier and healthier.

A close-up image of two people holding hands, symbolizing unity and support. One hand has a visible tattoo of what appears to be wings embracing a heart. The focus is on the interlocked fingers, highlighting the bond between individuals. The background is softly blurred with hints of greenery and an out-of-focus architectural element, conveying a peaceful outdoor setting.
HIV Care, Prevention and Testing at Metro Inclusive Health.

Navigating Success

Sexual health and substance use can be tough to navigate. We’re here to answer all your questions! From interactive group sessions, 1-on-1 goal setting, to social activities, Navigating Success is a modern take on comprehensive sex ed. We offer two age-appropriate programs for young people between the ages of 13-17 and 18-24 who reside in Hillsborough or Pinellas Counties. Plus, participants earn a $70 incentive upon completion!



Pregnant and living in Pinellas or Hillsborough County? Join TOPWA! Our program specialists support you throughout your journey with free pregnancy and HIV testing, medical referrals, gift cards, educational sessions,  baby showers and much more!

World of Women (WOW)

Seeking affirmation and acceptance among fellow women? Check out WOW, an inclusive group for all women that is dedicated to your health and overall well-being. Join us for social support, education, empowerment and dialogue. 

Let Us Bring Our Trainings to You

Sexual Health Advocacy Training

Our Sexual Health Advocacy program offers ways to influence change in the community. Bring our staff members to your organization or group, and we will train your team of advocates on how to have casual peer-to-peer conversations about safer sex in your community. Add your voice to the conversation and encourage others to practice safer sex. Distribute condoms, recruit others to get tested for STIs, and share your story about how practicing safer sex has improved your life.

If you are a community-serving organization or group that needs help learning how to talk to community members about sexual health you may want to bring our Sexual Health Advocacy Training to you. We can bring our training to: Student-Led Health and Wellness Organizations (Colleges and Universities), Community Groups Facilitating Health-Related Outreach Activities (Churches, Clubs, Etc.), LGBTQ+ Community Groups or Businesses Wanting to Learn More About Combatting HIV and the Stigma Surrounding It in the Tampa Bay Area, and more.


Sexual Health Advocacy (in Healthcare):

Our Sexual Health Advocacy in Healthcare training offers ways to influence change in the community as healthcare professionals. Bring our staff members to your organization or group. We will help your team think critically about the role that all healthcare professionals play in combatting HIV, address common assumptions about sexuality, and provide your team with practical skills to facilitate discussions on sexual health with patients. All advocates trained will be empowered to take their skills beyond the healthcare setting to join us in combatting HIV in the Tampa Bay Area and beyond.

We believe that sexual healthcare is an integral part of holistic healthcare, but we know it can be a challenge to engage patients in conversations about sexual health if you aren’t trained. If you train and/or teach healthcare professionals that work with our community, bringing our Sexual Health Advocacy Training to you might be exactly what you need. We can bring our training to: Pre-Med and Pre-Nursing Training Programs, Student-Run Medical Teams, and more.


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Get Involved as an Advocate

Is sexual empowerment and HIV/STI prevention important to you, too? METRO offers opportunities to train, gain experience, and get involved in community advocacy in Tampa Bay. 

HIV Testing & Education

Everyone should know their status. Get tested, then learn about advanced treatment and HIV prevention options with our expert Prevention & Sexual Health team. 

HIV testing is fast, free, and offered discreetly near you.

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