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Faith-Based Communities

Peaceful Hearts, Healthy Bodies

Faith-based community members and leaders are in a unique position to identify the spiritual, emotional, and health-related needs in our neighborhoods. That’s why Metro Inclusive Health has launched an initiative to connect communities with the care they need, by learning from one another and building solutions, together. Through partnership, it’s possible to create a positive change in our churches and faith based groups.

With this project, METRO aims specifically to bridge the gap between HIV and LGBTQ+ service providers and faith based communities, specifically in areas that are disproportionately affected by HIV.

Our Goals:

  • Establish a more consistent presence to further engage the community,
  • Reach, serve, engage with, learn from, and strategize alongside faith-based community members and leaders,
  • Reduce stigma associated with HIV,
  • Increase engagement among the faith based community with services and resources for those living with and/or affected by HIV,
  • Build capacity within the organization to better support these goals.

Join Our Initiative!

Will you help us start the conversation? Contact our Faith-Based Community Liaison, Shirlene Manuel, today!

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