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HIV Treatment & Care

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Experience Advanced HIV Treatment & Care.

Metro Inclusive Health brings 30 years of experience at the forefront of HIV care in Tampa Bay. In St. Petersburg, Tampa, Clearwater and New Port Richey, our healthcare providers are certified to provide specialized treatment and medication for people living with HIV. We accept most major insurances including Clear Health Alliance and Medicare and Medicaid. 

We’re here to help you identify your health needs, reach “undetectable” status, and access supportive local resources. Let’s get started!

HIV Treatment at Metro Inclusive Health

HIV & Primary Care, Together

One Provider, One Appointment.

METRO remains the only area organization offering primary care and HIV care together. The approach of one provider, one appointment offers convenience, cutting-edge treatment and a far more holistic approach to your health. In addition to knowing the latest in treatments, we are better equipped to recognize possible drug interactions and identify medical conditions before symptoms develop.

Cutting-Edge Care

HIV treatment and medications have become more effective and streamlined over the decades. Every day, new research brings us further.

With access to federal, state and local partners, we’re first in line to learn about advancements in HIV care and treatment. Of course, we make it our business to stay on top of how they apply to each individual patient.

METRO Pharmacy Services
HIV Care, Prevention and Testing at Metro Inclusive Health.

An All-Inclusive Approach

Combine your HIV care with over 100 health and wellness services. Conveniences include: on-site labs, pharmacy and prescription delivery, online patient portal, sliding-scale fee program, support groups and more.

With so many resources under one roof, you can experience the most modern, centralized and all-inclusive approach to your health.

Meet Our HIV Care Providers

Did you know that Primary Care providers at Metro Inclusive Health are certified to provide HIV care?

All our providers have completed National HIV Curriculum training, and are (or are on course to become) AAHIVM (American Academy of HIV Medicine) Certified Specialists. Additionally, providers participate in monthly HIV education sessions, annual clinical updates and continuing medical education.

Find a provider near you at one of our Tampa Bay locations!

Getting to Undetectable


With 30 years of expertise and the latest treatment options, we help HIV+ patients get to “undetectable” status. That means there is so little of virus in the body, it can’t be detected by an HIV test.

It also means you can stay healthy, and the likelihood of spreading the virus to partners decreases exponentially. Undetectable = Untransmittable!

Case Management

We are here to help you understand your options. For instance, METRO Case Managers can connect you to medications, insurance assistance, housing assistance, food pantries, and other programs. Additionally, Florida residents who are living with HIV may be eligible for assistance via the Ryan White Treatment Modernization Act.

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Case Management at METRO

Medical Case Management includes linkage to necessary services and an emphasis on medical disease management and treatment adherence. Above all, our goal is to assist clients in becoming increasingly self-sufficient with an improvement in overall wellbeing. Learn more about our community specific case management services.

Is HIV Case Management for Me?

Medical Case Management includes a holistic approach with linkage to necessary services and an emphasis on health management and treatment adherence. Learn more about our programs for:

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