METRO COO: Priya Rajkumar

Priya Rajkumar

About Priya

Priya began her career in social services working in foster care in Brooklyn, NY as a social worker after graduating from Queens College of the City University of New York in 1998 with a Bachelors in Sociology and a Minor is Psychology. She relocated to Tampa Bay area in 1999 where she took a case manager position with the Tampa AIDS Network.

In 2008, she landed at Metro Inclusive Health which began a quick ascension in the organization as Director of Quality Assurance and Compliance, then Director of Case Management and ultimately to the Chief Operating Officer and Programs Officer role she holds today. Throughout her years at METRO, she’s been contributed to all facets of the organization, developing and leading new initiatives, implementing new programs and services, grant writing, and providing technical assistance to other organizations around the country when called upon.

Overseeing the Health Center, Behavioral Health, all Programs and Services, Compliance, and general operations of the organization, Priya has been credited for a significant portion of the grant and growth opportunities that METRO has experienced in the years since then.

In her off time, Priya likes travelling, especially when eclectic food is involved, and enjoys any opportunity to binge watch a good series on Netflix.



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