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A smiling male healthcare professional wearing a grey medical scrub top and an employee ID badge from METRO Inclusive Health. He appears cheerful and approachable, standing in a clinical setting with a soft blue background that suggests a calm and welcoming environment. His badge and lanyard include a rainbow design, indicating a commitment to diversity and inclusivity.

Adam Bastille

About Adam

Meet Adam Bastille, an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) at Metro Inclusive Health, is a dedicated advocate for holistic healthcare, integrating a comprehensive approach into his practice. Adam pursued his education at the University of South Florida, where he earned both his Bachelor of Science in Nursing and his Master of Science in Nursing, focusing on Family Nurse Practice. His training is complemented by specialized certifications in holistic health practices, including mindfulness-based stress reduction and integrative medicine.

Adam’s approach to healthcare is rooted in the belief that effective treatment encompasses both physical and mental well-being. He is particularly skilled in developing personalized care plans that address the full spectrum of patient needs, ensuring a balance between traditional medical treatments and holistic methodologies. His expertise includes nutritional counseling, meditation techniques, and the use of therapeutic herbs in conjunction with conventional medicine.

At Metro Inclusive Health, Adam leverages his unique blend of skills to offer comprehensive care to a diverse patient population. His commitment to inclusive healthcare practices makes him a pivotal part of the Metro team, where he works collaboratively to enhance patient outcomes and foster an environment of wellness and understanding.

Adam’s dedication to continuous learning and professional development ensures that he remains at the forefront of both traditional and alternative medical practices, making him a vital asset to Metro Inclusive Health and the communities it serves.


Board Certification:

Advanced Registered Nurse – APRN



METRO accepts most major insurances and offers sliding-scale self pay options, based on income.