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Headshot of Maria Grosvenor, an African American woman wearing a blue pinstripe shirt and smiling with shoulder length black hair.

Maria Grosvenor

About Maria

Maria Grosvenor is the dedicated Division Director of Linkage and Case Management Programs at Metro Inclusive Health, where she has been a cornerstone since September 2021. With a robust background in managing medical case management and linkage departments, Maria excels in ensuring high service quality and operational efficiency. She is proficient in creating and enforcing program protocols, providing comprehensive quality and performance improvement plans, and fostering collaborative relationships with community partners and medical providers.

Maria brings exceptional skills in communication, negotiation, conflict resolution, and organizational management. Her expertise extends to employment-related laws, recruitment, employee relations, benefits administration, and more. She holds a B.S. in Human Service and an M.S. in Organizational Leadership and Management from Springfield College, and she is currently pursuing an M.S. in Counseling & Psychology from Troy University.

At Metro Inclusive Health, Maria is instrumental in driving continuous improvement, supporting her team, and advocating for clients, ensuring they receive timely and coordinated access to health and support services. Her commitment to professional integrity, confidentiality, and excellence makes her an invaluable leader in our mission to provide inclusive health services to the community.