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A few LGBT advocacy groups worthy of your support

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots. While the LGBT community has experienced immense positive change, much work remains to be done. As an LGBT-owned company, Graham Capital is proud to support our community both locally and nationally. I want to take a step back from my normal financial column to highlight some notable organizations that deserve our community’s financial support. Although it may not fit into your current budget plan, when possible and with proper budgeting, every dollar donated can make a lasting impact on the future of our community. 

I always like to support those organizations that may exist in smaller communities than our own. For me, that is Metro Inclusive Health in Tampa, Fla. It’s important to me because many of these organizations do not have as strong of a donor base and, more often than not, cannot rely on local or state funding. While I am lucky to see the city where I grew up evolve to embrace our community, that is not always the case. These organizations are on the front lines of protecting and nurturing our community and I highly recommend searching for a local organization of your own.

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