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Headshot of Maria Grosvenor, an African American woman wearing a blue pinstripe shirt and smiling with shoulder length black hair.

Maria Grosvenor

About Maria

Maria Grosvenor is a highly skilled and experienced professional with a strong background in human services, organizational leadership, and management. Currently serving as the Division Director of Linkage and Case Management Programs at Metro Inclusive Health. She is an effective leader and manager, guiding her team to deliver exceptional service quality and ensure the meeting of organizational standards.

Grosvenor holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Services and a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and Management from Springfield College. She is also furthering her education in Counseling & Psychology with an anticipated graduation in May 2024 from Troy University.

Her professional journey includes significant roles such as Assistant Director at Eckerd Youth Alternative and Program Director at Champions for Children, both in Tampa, FL. In these roles, she demonstrated her abilities in overseeing program quality, managing daily operations, and developing staff across multiple locations. Grosvenor excels in creating and implementing training and professional development programs, managing budgets, and fostering collaborative relationships with community leaders and stakeholders.

At METRO, she has successfully implemented quality and performance improvement plans, overseen the operations of case management and linkage departments, and maintained collaborative relationships with community providers and partners. Her responsibilities also include managing staff performance, training new staff, and resolving client and service provision issues, showcasing her versatility and commitment to excellence in her field.


M.S. Organizational Leadership and Management

M.S. Counseling & Psychology